Data Privacy and Data Security

Data privacy starts with the security of your data, but is enhanced by identifying and understanding the interactions that the data has with an organisations internal workings and also with the external environment. data can be in many forms, either operational or transactional data, for example, or e-mail and voice data. There are many factors that can influence the treatment of the data, from regulatory or best industry practice, such as statutory reporting or PCI DSS, through compliance with national laws and international agreements, such as the EU Data Privacy Directive. Security is the first step, to ensure privacy, this has to be built on with a many layered approach. We have our own unique data privacy approach, that follows a four-layer model to ensure maximum privacy and minimum exposure to legal and illegal intercepts.

As well as providing privacy consulting, we can run privacy for all your e-mail, IM and phone requirements, as well as providing document management and workplace collaboration in the most privacy-ensured environment.